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Pensilia Beauty Clinic is a trustworthy home for the best analyze, solutions and skin treatments technology. With our great help, customers are prevented from unexpected beauty blighters like aging and skin problems, which gives women negative effects on vulnerable beauty, health and mental sense.

Within more than 5 years of constant exert our strengths and research on Vietnamese health and beauty, we are totally confident to guarantee about the effective results. Pensilia is the leading brand that supply a safe and guaranteed full package of skin medication. Especially, we promise to refund 100% with an unsuccessful treatment based on the previous expert advice.

We are a strong team of great industry-leading physicians in dermatology, aesthetic along with experienced technicians, combined with the most advanced equipment from European countries, the US, South Korea and Japan. Pensilia Beauty Clinic gives customers the optimal course of treatment, advice for individual case.

Highlight services:
Scars Treatment
Lightening Treatment
Acnes Treatment
Skin Rejuvenation, lifting by Ultherapy, RF
Skin whitening treatment by 3D spacecraft
Stretch Treatment with Preser-S plus technology
Lose weight, cellulite, detoxifying the gut
Permanent Hair Removal

Especially, Pensilia Beauty Spa gives 10% discount for all service for Crescent Mall Platinum members.

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