Woohoo … Congratulation to the lucky winner of “CRESCENT MALL’s 8th ANNIVERSARY – GET A CHANCE TO WIN FABULOUS 8 PRIZES”

1st Prize: Phan Thi Thanh Lan – Limousine Noble Klasse Solati S11

2nd Prize: Ha Minh De – Airfare to Japan for 02 people

3rd Prize: Huynh Minh Hieu – Airfare to Palawan for 02 people
4th Prize: Le Thi Thuy Hang – Voucher of Fusion Resort Cam Ranh
5th Prize: Nguyen Thi Nhu Mi – Apple Gadget Package – 01 iPhone 11 & 01 Airpod

6th Prize: Phan Xuan Tinh – Apple Gadget Package – 01 iPad Pro 11inches & 01 Apple Pencil
7th Prize: Phan Dien Thai Than – Samsung Galaxy Note 10
8th Prize: Nguyen Thi Thao Nhi – Voucher of Alba Wellness Resort for 02 people


Crescent Mall has contacted to winner. See you in the next promotion programs at Crescent Mall!
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