September 2019 – Crescent Mall is set for the biggest Annual National Lion Dance Competition to date with an expected 40 teams from all over the country competing for the most coveted title.

“We are excited to announce that the number of teams joining this year has doubled. From only 23 last year, we are hosting exciting exhibitions from 40 teams this year. This is a very good news for the entire Lion Dance community” says a representative from Hao Dung Duong Company Ltd, Crescent Mall’s partner for this event for the past five years.

To accommodate all the teams, the competition will be held for two days, September 7 and 8, at the Ground Floor of Crescent Mall. It will be the largest Lion Dance competition of its kind ever held in any shopping mall.


“Crescent Mall is proud to be the home of this event. We are happy to be able to do our share to somehow help preserve this tradition. We feel that it is important for kids of today to be exposed to these kinds of activities to appreciate our culture. It is also very timely and a good way to celebrate and experience Mid-Autumn,” says Ms Joanne Gasgonia, General Manager of Crescent Mall.


The teams coming from different cities and provinces nationwide will perform the Lion Dance on Mai Hoa Thung (jump columns), one of the traditional performances of Lion Dance art. The event will be led by group of referees who has experienced in Asian Indoor Games, and is governed by international Lion Dance competition rules and regulations.

Last year, the winning teams were Nam Hoa, Khai Uy (3rd Place), Hoang Duc (2nd Place) and Hung Dung (1st Place).

Who will be this year’s grand champions?


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