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Each child is growing up by mom’s dishes full with love. Each mom have their own secret for the best meals for family. What do you study from mom;s kitchen? Let’s share with Crescent Mall and have chance to win many valuable prize for your mom!

  • Step 1: Prepare your own dishes with your mom’s special recipe
  • Step 2: Take a photo or record a video to describe in brief about your recipe including: ingredients, how to cook, other tips…
  • Step 3: Follow this link [link] to submit your recipe to the “My Mom – My Idol” contest

Registration time from 15th to 30th April. 20 participants who have the most special recipes will be annouced in 07/05/2017 and receive:

– 01 Robins voucher valued at VND 1,000,000

– 01 Giant voucher valued at VND 1,000,000

– 01 Lemino wallet valued at VND 900,000

– And 01 invitation letter for 03 people to join the tea party on the Mother’s Day (14/05)

Especially Crescent Mall will invite 01 professional chef to choose 3 best recipe to rewarded 01 Carlo Rino handbag valued at VND 4,190,000

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