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Travel with food: IT’S FOOD PASSPORT!!!
The more you taste, the more FREE food you would receive!

+2nd stamp: Free 01 Milk Tea cup at Miu Tea
+4th stamp: Free 01 Highlands Coffee 200gr pack
+6th stamp: Free 01 Baskin Robbins ice cream scoop
+8th stamp: Free 01 Eco-bag
+10th stamp: Free 01 CGV ticket + 01 combo popcorn & coke

+With every 500.000 VND bill from amazing restaurants at Crescent Mall, you will get a stamp.
+Come to Information Desk to stick stamps on your Food Passport
+Gifts redemption is on 2nd, 4th, 6th, 8th and 10th stamp.

REMEMBER, one store – one stamp! Make sure to try different restaurants and food stores. Happy dining at Crescent Mall!

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