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From 25th to 26th Nov 2016: shopping overnight at Crescent Mall with hundreds of attractive offers on 2 days “Midnight Sale”.

  • Super-crazy sale: more than 100 stores at Crescent Mall will open till 24:00 and give special offers after 22:00
  • Catch a Falling Star: chance to receive 300 amazing gifts for first customers with minimun receipt from VND 999,000.
  • Receive 01 mobile cases on Crescent Mall 5th years anniversary collection with receipt from VND 2,999,000 (or VND 1,999,000 for Crescent Mall e-Member).
  • Double accumulate – Double happiness: x2 accumulate value for receipt on 02 days 25&26/11/2016 for Crescent Mall e-Members
  • “Recharge energy” for ultimate shopping time: discount 20% at Smoothie Factory, free tea at Twinings Tea and more offers at others partner
  • 5,000 code discount 30% for 02 Uber trip (up to VND 30,000)

Let’s go right now to Crescent Mall to enjoy this celebration!

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